Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan (Limited to 3,000, Numbered 180g Mono Vinyl 45RPM 2LP Set)


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    180-gram 45 RPM mono 2LP!

    Mastered from the original master tapes

    Strictly limited to 3,000 copies, pressed at RTI!

    Made when mono was still king, Bob Dylan's self-titled 1962 debut is as understated of an entrance as any significant musician as ever made. Already well-versed in American roots music, Dylan simultaneously pays homage to tradition and extends it by putting his own stamp on classic material that metaphorically functions as the soil of our contemporary songs and styles. Free of ego, and performed with masterful conviction, Bob Dylan ranks with the debut efforts of similar artistic giants Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones.

    Mastered from the original master tapes, pressed at RTI, and strictly limited to 3,000 copies, Mobile Fidelity's restored 180-gram mono 45RPM 2LP analog version brings the contents of this seminal release as closest as they've ever come to master tape-quality in the original mono configuration. Transparent to the source, the simple sounds of Dylan's voice, acoustic guitar, and harmonica take on lifelike perspective and directness — the "husk and bark" to which Robert Shelton referred in his now-legendary New York Times review of a Dylan appearance at Gerde's Folk City. MoFi has made possible an inexpensive time-traveling trip back to the Greenwich Village coffeehouses and folk clubs in which Dylan cut his teeth, albeit in much better fidelity and without any annoying background chatter. Wider grooves mean more information reaches your ears.

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