MPS Records

German label with focus on jazz, founded in 1968 in Villingen, Germany, as a successor of SABA.

MPS stands for “Musik Produktion Schwarzwald” (Music Production Black Forest).

For some MPS might feel like a treasure trove that had to be dug up from the twilights of Germany’s Black Forest. With diversity, courage, and quality as the trademarks of the label, founder Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer achieved world-wide renown as Germany’s first jazz label. A Mecca for international jazz stars like Oscar Peterson, George Duke, The Singers Unlimited and a host of talented young European discoveries. Situated in Villingen, in Germany’s Black Forest region, for some two decades MPS Records and studios wrote pioneering jazz history through its high-level recording technique and unmistakable aesthetic. Today the “most perfect sound made in the Black Forest” continues to light up the ears of analogue fans worldwide. A historical sketch.

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